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About growing together

Only a close collaboration with all our stakeholders along the value chain allows us learning and development. This is our way how we ensure that we will meet the demand for our products in the most sustainable way and support present and future development efforts regarding growth, efficiency and profitability. After all, this is the key to our future success.

Trends and changes 

The sugar market regime ended in 2017. This fundamental change lead to an increasing competition within the EU sugar market and made the improvement of the sustainable value creation from grower to consumer more important for us than ever before.

After the market deregulation, global mega trends impact our business even more. Volatile world market prices influence our business. Emerging markets and growing middle class are causing an increase in the demand for sugar in developing countries. Nordzucker is facing more threats and opportunities and sustainability just amplifies these as well as being integral to them.


Sustainability: A big tradition

Most important for us: We want to grow together with our partners along the value chain, building on our strong values as it has always been the Nordzucker way.