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Materiality process

In order to focus our efforts in managing sustainability, we regular assess which sustainability topics that are material to us. In the materiality process we include the opinions of our key stakeholders: customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, sugar beet and cane sugar growers, other key suppliers, NGOs, neighbours, the authorities and the local community. The results of the materiality process are part of our ongoing sustainability strategy review.

By communicating regularly, we aim to give our stakeholders a clear picture of the evolving challenges we face, and what we are doing to address them.



Material issues

Our material sustainability issues are: "product quality and product safety", "climate change" and "sugar and nutrition", followed by "sustainable farming", "supply chain management", "sustainable customer relationship" as well as "local communities" around the Nordzucker plants and "health and safety".

Our current 2020 sustainability strategy has been updated to reflect the latest materiality assessment and we are currently working to develop our 2030 sustainability strategy and action plan which will also include relevant SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).