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Materiality process

In order to focus our efforts in managing sustainability, we have a materiality process to identify the sustainability challenges that are most relevant to us. In the materiality process we include the opinions of our key stakeholders: customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, sugar beet and cane sugar growers, other key suppliers, NGOs, neighbours, the authorities and the local community. The results of the materiality process are part of our ongoing sustainability strategy review.

By communicating regularly, we aim to give our stakeholders a clear picture of the evolving challenges we face, and what we are doing to address them.

Material issues

Our material sustainability issues are: climate change, compliance towards permits, carbon and water footprint, wellbeing/safety and health, community engagement and social affairs, sugar and health, sourcing, human rights and business ethics.

Since we last reported on materiality, community engagement, human rights and business ethics have become more material issues for us. We also see a growing interest from customers in biodiversity. As the world responds to the major global challenge of climate change, we expect areas such as transportation and renewable energy to become more material in future.