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Nordzucker is committed to the German Sustainability Code

Sustainability is a key business objective at Nordzucker. Nordzucker wants to make sustainability integral to our business and aim to be leading in its business. Transparency is in this respect a key factor. Therefore Nordzucker voluntarily commits to the European Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK), which allows greater comparability between companies.

The Council for Sustainable Development has generated the DNK in dialogue with the industry. Companies provide information according to 20 criteria, which are published in an internet database and are therefore easy to compare. Further information is available here:

As of the 2017 financial year, larger companies in Germany and the EU will have to provide information on environmental and social standards, among other things. The basis is the EU Directive 2014/95 / EU of 22 October 2014 on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information. Even though Nordzucker is not covered by this Directive we have chosen to fulfill this voluntarily through the DNK.

The DNK provides a good overview for customers and interested parties and is an excellent advertisement for Nordzucker. Since the requirements of the DNK are extensive and also challenge Nordzucker, it provides advantages for the future. New impulses through the DNK will support the company in its ambitions to become leading in it business within sustainability.