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Gold and silver for sustainability: beet growing at Nordzucker verified by SAI

Proof of sustainable beet cultivation is of great importance for Nordzucker customers. For this reason, the company has been involved in the SAI (Sustainable Agricultural Initiative) Platform for years.

Within the platform, Nordzucker has contributed to the development of verification standards for sustainable agriculture under the name FSA 2.0 (Farmer Sustainability Assessment). In 2015 the successful introduction of FSA 2.0 took place in Germany, Sweden and Poland. Germany, Sweden, Poland, and also in Denmark and Lithuania, which were newly included in the process, were also able to obtain excellent results for 2016, which were all third party verified.

"One of the most important corporate goals of Nordzucker is sustainability in beet growing. In 2016 all production in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland achieved the silver or gold standard. We are very proud of that," says CAO Lars Gorissen. In Poland 70 Percent of the production was covered.

Already this year the remaining two Nordzucker countries, Finland and Slovakia will implement FSA 2.0.

The FSA 2.0 have become key to the industry, making them one of the most important tools for farmers, food and beverage producers to support the production, sale and procurement of sustainable agricultural products.