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Health and safety at work

We want everyone who works with Nordzucker to be safe and healthy. Through rigorous risk assessments, training programs and active leadership from managers, we are striving to create a workplace where both employees and contractors are safe from harm, and accidents are non-existent.

Safety culture

Even though we have good systems in place and guidelines for risk assessments and risk handling we still believe we can do better in our Health & Safety performance. Therefore we have introduced a large safety culture project in 2018 where the focus is how to reach a sound balance between systems and the human side of safety. We do this to increase the personal awareness on safety and to make all of us better at “thinking safety”.

Improving our training

Keeping everyone safe at work requires the right knowledge and skills at all levels of our organisation. For this reason we are constantly looking to improve the content and delivery of safety and health training. Along with interactive and dialogue-based training sessions, we are aiming to use of E-learning more widely throughout the Nordzucker Group.

Engaging with contractors

We need to make all of our contractors aware of our safety standards and requirements while working on our sites. We are currently reviewing our process for hiring contractors and introducing them to our facilities, in order to make sure this happens.

Health and well-being

As well as preventing accidents at work, we also want to safeguard our employees’ general health and wellbeing. Issues affecting physical and mental wellbeing such as stress and work-life balance will be much more of a focus for us in future.


In both 2012 and 2013, we experienced one fatal accident involving contractors per year. These incidents underline the importance of our safety and health strategy, and the need to work even harder to improve our performance as we strive for an accident-free workplace.

Absence from sickness remained at a more or less constant level since 2010, varying from 4.18% to 4.38%.