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Knowledge sharing activities

We want to encourage a knowledge-based debate about sugar, and to help consumers make informed, healthy choices about the role sugar plays in their diets and lifestyles.


Informing the public debate

To promote healthy diets and lifestyles, we need the public debate around health and nutrition to be based on facts; see Facts about sugar- a common brochure initiative from the European food and drink sectors.


Sugar is a natural part of a balanced diet in a healthy lifestyle and a pleasure. Sugar is a natural carbohydrate with a lot of functional properties. It is more than just sweet.

Each and every one of us value the freedom to choose, whether in terms of our working life, our free time, our lifestyle, our eating habits or, consequently, our choice of food. But  freedom also entails responsibility.

We are dedicated to give people the knowledge and information necessary to consciously take responsibility for their own diet, by providing information about sugar and its role in nutrition on the basis of facts and scientific knowledge.

We are committed to raising awareness of the balance between calorie intake and calorie expenditure.

Focusing only on single ingredients or products does not contribute to lasting solutions to non communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

We take part in a range of health forums, publish educational material and support health-promoting activities. In some countries we carry out these activities ourselves, while in others we act through national sugar organizations

In co-operation with the other sugar producers in Germany in the German sugar association WVZ/VDZ, Nordzucker puts a lot of effort into highlighting the image of sugar. Read more about the activities at

Educational material:


Supporting health promoting activities

Raising awareness of nutrition and exercise among young people can lead to life-long health benefits. We support a number of health-promoting activities for children and adolescents, including the following.

Online information

We have set up a number of websites aimed at providing information and answering questions about sugar. These include general information on our corporate websites, information for health professionals, and websites aimed at consumers.

Nordzucker is always available with information on sugar and answers to questions.
Find more information on sugar and nutrition at: