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Knowledge sharing activities

We want to encourage an knowledge-based debate about sugar, and to help consumers make informed, healthy choices about the role sugar plays in their diets and lifestyles. We take part in a broad range of activities to promote a wider awareness of sugar and health issues, including sponsoring research and supporting educational events.


Informing the public debate

To promote healthy diets and lifestyles, we need the public debate around health and nutrition to be based on facts. We actively communicate the knowledge we have about sugar in order to encourage a constructive, factual dialogue between the food industry, the retail sector, health and nutrition professionals, interest groups, schools, politicians and the media. Read also Facts about sugar - a common brochure initiative from the European food and drink sectors.


We sponsor scientific research into the health effects of sugar, mainly through our memberships in the World Sugar Research Organization and other industry bodies. We also take part in a range of health forums, publish educational material and support health-promoting activities. In some countries we carry out these activities ourselves, while in others we act through national sugar organizations.

For several years we have arranged nutritional seminars for food producers, customers, professional experts, interest groups, health organizations and other interested parties. Seminars have focused on the scientific status of the role of sugar in nutrition, appetite regulation and trend diets.

In co-operation with the other sugar producers in Germany in the German sugar association WVZ/VDZ, Nordzucker puts a lot of effort into highlighting the image of sugar. Read more about the activities at

Educational material:

Events for young people

Raising awareness of nutrition and exercise among young people can lead to life-long health benefits. We support a number of health-promoting activities for children and adolescents, including the following.


Hardegsen International school farm
Through this German initiative, 2,500 school children visit the Hardegsen farm every year in order to learn where food comes from, and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

LöwenZukunft: LöwenSchule and LöwenHappen
This German-run action program for children and adolescents raises awareness of nutrition and exercise, while at the same time promoting community and solidarity. Around 1,800 children and adolescents participate in the program’s two subprojects LöwenSchule and LöwenHappen.

Girls-Baskets-Regio 38 e.V
Based in Germany, the program gives approx. 2,000 girls every year a chance to build basketball skills while also addressing health and nutrition. Topics include how to prepare delicious, healthy meals and drinks for athletes.


This Danish street sports project promote physical activity among children and young people from socially less advantaged residential areas. In 2014, 16,350 young people took part in the programme, up from 9,000 in 2007.

Culinary After-school Programme cooking courses for children
This Danish programme helps children appreciate the joy of cooking, and teaches them to make meals from scratch. Around 120 children aged from 9-15 take part each year.

Online information

We have set up a number of websites aimed at providing information and answering questions about sugar. These include general information on our corporate websites, information for health professionals, and websites aimed at consumers.

Nordzucker is always available with information on sugar and answers to questions.
Find more information on sugar and health at:



Nordzucker contributes to that approx. 23,000 young and adolescents every year are physical active or learn about healthy and balanced diet in Nordzucker’s health promoting sponsorships.