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Charity initiatives

Part of our approach to social investment involves charitable donations and sponsorship activities. We aim to support projects and other good causes that are focused on areas of particular concern for our communities. Almost all of our plants have funds they can use for specific projects. We also support selected campaigns and initiatives at Group level.



EUR 60,000 for the parish church and the citizen’s foundation in Klein Wanzleben

Our plant in the village of Klein Wanzleben was our first sugar factory, and one of the oldest of its type in Germany. In 2013 we donated EUR 60,000 to the parish church and the citizens foundation in Klein Wanzleben. The donation will support the work that both institutions carry out for culture, social work and local heritage, and making the village a pleasant place to live.


EUR 50,000 for social projects

In late 2013, Nordzucker donated a total of more than EUR 50,000 to social projects in the region. They included the Artists' Residence in Lauenburg, which needed restoration work after severe flooding in the summer, and the charity Neugierig e.V. in Kamern, whose work was also threatened by the floods. Another social project benefitting from our donations is the United Kids Foundations in Braunschweig, which supports children from disadvantaged families.


EUR 10,000 to local charities

Five associations from Nordstemmen each received a cheque from Nordzucker for EUR 2,000 in late September 2014. The money came from an earlier benevolent fund at the plant in Nordstemmen and went to the local branch of the lifeboat organisation DLRG, the PTA of the Marienbergschule, the GemeindeJugendRing, the motorsport club/ADAC and the KOMM community centre.


Donations instead of Christmas presents

In 2013, instead of sending Christmas presents to partners and customers, we donated EUR 10,000 to Medecins Sans Frontiers. A year later we donated EUR 7,500 to support UNHCR’s education programme for refugee children worldwide.